Ideas and Projects

For the common Good

The Vidanta Foundation is a non-profit institution founded in 2005 by Daniel Chavez Moran, President of Vidanta Group.

Working in the present with an eye toward the future, supporting projects and initiatives that help to improve the lives of people in Latin America and the Caribbean. We recognize the value and creativity of the work that men and women in the region do in defense of the environment and in favor of reducing poverty and inequality, we encourage it and join these efforts.

Quienes Somos


The mission of the Vidanta Foundation is to promote the social sciences and democratic values in Latin America.


  • Strengthen humanitarian and democratic values and civic participation in the general population.
  • Support original projects, initiatives, and best practices that help to reduce poverty and inequality in Latin America.
  • Advocate for the formulation of public policies that help to strengthen democracy and to foster the economic and social development of Latin America.
  • Promote studies on Latin American international relations.
  • Promote corporate social responsibility.
  • Promote humanitarian, environmental and democratic values and civic and democratic participation.
  • Support original and practical projects and initiatives that contribute to protecting the environment and reducing poverty and inequality in Latin America.
  • Influence the formulation of public policies that help to promote the sustainable development of Latin America and environmental education
  • Promote studies on international environmental cooperation to protect the environment.


The foundation is financed in its entirety by the stockholders of the companies that belong to the Vidanta Group, companies which are dedicated to construction, the hotel business, and real estate.